Supply Chain Risks: How Nature affect Our Chain

25 Oct

Hurricane Matthew is an example of a traditional supply chain risk. For many, natural disasters like hurricanes, blizzards, floods, and earthquakes are the predominant local or global risks they face. These are tangible events that many have lived through at one time or another. We see them on the news or out of our windows, factor in their impact on the supply chain and our lives, and move on. While they may not be pleasant events, there is a certain comfort in their familiarity and pattern of resolution.

Hurricane Matthew satellite image

Emerging risk in the supply chain may have managers yearning for such traditional supply chain disruptions such as storms, labor issues, or winter flu outbreaks. The news, no matter how one accesses it, is full of stories that include terrorism, cyber attacks, geo-political upheavals, financial meltdowns and social unrest. Any and all of these news stories, often centered hundreds or thousands of miles away, has a potential impact on business operations. Supply chain managers need to pay attention to more than the weather forecast.


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